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Enhance Your Courses with Library Resources

Step by step instructions for grabbing durable links so you can share articles, eBooks, streaming video and more.

Share Videos

Link to Swank videos so that they can be accessed on or off campus. The first step is to get a durable link. For most databases, the URL you see in your browser address bar is a temporary link that will not provide access to the article for other users. The durable link will provide on campus access.

On & Off Campus

Swank videos do not have an embed option, you will need to provide a link. 

Copy Direct Link Option (Recommended)

  1. In Swank you can get a durable link on the video page from the Copy Direct Link (2) button below the video. 
  2. In D2L, select the New window option when adding the link. 

Add the Poster Image

If you are comfortable adding images, you can copy the movie poster image in Swank and make the image a link to the video, again using the New Window option for your link. It is recommend to also include a text link. 

Watch Glory

LMS Link Option (Not Recommended)

For use in D2L you can get a durable link by:

  1. Selecting the cover, then select the Share pull down menu.
  2. Choose option 3, Copy LMS Link option. Note, this option includes the HTML that creates a live link. If you don't want to edit the HTML in D2L, you can just delete the HTML code portion shown in bold red below and a link as you normally would in D2L.

<a href=''>Watch Saving Private Ryan</a>

Click the image below to see the full size.

Share Swank

Try the Live Link

Getting Titles from Swank

The library orders specific titles from Swank. Titles are selected by COM faculty in academic departments to support courses. Titles are available for 1 year. Renewals will be based on usage over previous year.

Keep in mind that all titles have unlimited access, so even if another instructor requested a title you can still use them for your class or stream for own enjoyment.

1. Create an Instructor Account

  • Go to Swank and identify as an instructor.
  • Create an Instructor Account. 
  • You can watch the quick how to video below.

2. Viewing Available Titles

Once you have your account and are logged in, Swank will show

  1. A search box where you can search for specific titles.
  2. The Content Catalog, which is what COM Library currently has.
  3. Newly Available, titles just added to Swank and available for request. 
  4. Content Spotlight, titles promoted for current events or themes. 

Swank Content Page

3. Searching for Titles

If you don't see the titles you want, you can use the search box to find out if what you want is available.  

  1. Type your title in the search box. 
  2. Titles that already have will be indicated by the expiration date
  3. If you see a title you'd like, get started by selecting the Request button.

4. Requesting Titles

Once you've selected Request a form will pop up so that you can make your request. Hit send when complete and we'll get back with you. 

You can also still email to make requests.

Title Request