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Enhance Your Courses with Library Resources

Step by step instructions for grabbing durable links so you can share articles, eBooks, streaming video and more.

Share Articles, Media, Primary Sources

American History Online, Ancient and Medieval History Online, and Modern World History Online all use the History Research Center interface and content can be shared in the same way in each.

Link to resources so that they can be accessed on or off campus. The first step is to get a durable link for the content. For most databases, the URL you see in your browser address bar is a temporary link that will not provide access to the article for other users. The durable link will provide on campus access. 

On & Off Campus

In all Infobase History Online databases you can get a durable link for all resources. The proxy prefix that allows off campus access is already included in both options below. 

  • Go to the share icon on the toolbar above the article and copy the record URL. 
  • Record URL at bottom of the page. 

Try the Live Links

Share via Tools

Use the Share Tools to email or download resources to share.


Share via Email

Articles, maps, primary sources, slideshows, timelines, topic pages and video can be shared by emailed links.

  1. Click on the Share icon above the resource.
  2. Choose the Email tab
  3. Fill in the email address (required) and message (optional), and a link to the current page will be sent in the email.