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Step by step instructions for grabbing durable links so you can share articles, eBooks, streaming video and more.

Share Articles

Share* The Chronicle of Higher Education articles so that content can be accessed on or off campus. 

  1. The first step is to get a durable link. Look for the Share option above the article you'd like to share. There are options to share via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Copy Link URL and Print. You can also get the URL from the address bar of your browser. If you are sharing for on campus use only you don't need to make any changes and can just send the link.
  2. The only options that work both on and off campus are the Copy Link URL and the address bar URL with the proxy prefix added directly in front of the bookmark URL with no spaces:

    A link accessible from off campus should look like this:
  3. You can use the Twitter or Email option if want to share with someone that has access through a different institution or their own account. The Facebook option is not currently working.

Get the Durable Link

Click/tap for full size

* A note about sharing Chronicle articles. You must link to articles on their site rather than reproducing them online. Permission is not required for linking and using up to three paragraphs of text, with credit to The Chronicle.