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Enhance Your Courses with Library Resources

Step by step instructions for grabbing durable links so you can share articles, eBooks, streaming video and more.

Share Articles

Link to NewsBank articles so that they can be accessed on or off campus.

On Campus Access

In NewsBank when you are viewing an article click on the link icon to grab the durable URL.

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Off Campus Access

To provide off campus access, you'll need to add a prefix in front of the link so that COM students, faculty and staff can login with their COM account to see the article.

  1. Grab the URL from the article toolbar.
  2. If you want to make the resource accessible off campus (users will need to have a COM account to log in), add the EZProxy prefix directly in front of the bookmark URL with no spaces:

A link accessible off campus should look like this:

Try the Live Link

Share via email

Email an article with email tool.

  1. Click the Email icon above the article.
  2. Enter email to and from.
  3. Click the send button.

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